Management Committee/理事委员会


Mr Richard Tan/陈春水


1st Vice President/第二第一副会长:
Mr. Peter Li Qing/李晴

2nd Vice President/第二副会长:

Ms. Cheong Wai Chun/张慧珍


Honorary Secretary/秘书长:
Mr Jeffrey Tan 


Honorary Treasure/财政:
Mr James Chua 


Chairman of Committee/主席

Vice Chairman of Committee/副主席:


Head Appraisal Committee ( Ceramics & Works of Art)理事:
Mr Nie Xiang Bao  

Head Appraisal Committee ( Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy)理事:

Mr Zhang Shi You

Head Membership Committee理事:
Mr Vincent Lin 

Head Exhibition & Security Committee理事:
Mr Chia Loy Hua

Head Social Committee理事:
Mr Lester Phay

Vietnam/Việt Nam/越南

President/Chủ tịch/会长

Ms Hoàng Kim Toàn /黄金胜


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