In 1990, we were brainstorming for a business name to incorporate our company, we predicted that in the near future when our company grows, products with added digital performance will also grow and change the face of the world.

Today, we have proven and shown an amazing amount of foresight when Digital Alarm Technologies Pte. Ltd. was incorporated in 1990.

The digital revolution is transforming the way we go about our daily lives.

Digital Video Surveillance (DVS) and Digital Video Recording (DVR) technology is revolutionizing the CCTV market and providing a level of functionality in physical security and surveillance applications previously unavailable.

Convergence of IT with physical security is being driven by digital technology advances, particularly in access control, biometrics, RFID, smart cards, ID Management, and video surveillance.

Digitalization is reshaping the security industry as security systems central processors become the framework for automation systems.

In this digital era, DAT is the way to resolve Today's Solution with Tomorrow's Technology for all your security requirements.


At DIGITAL, we have not forgotten that




Digital Alarm Technologies Pte. Ltd.  was incorporated in Singapore  in 1990 and is a privately owned Central Monitoring Station in Singapore and comprises a group of security alarm companies that  offers a full-range of security products and services for financial, retail, industrial, government and commercial businesses to security product manufacturing and system integration. The group now comprises  8 companies in 4 countries.

We are an approved Security Service Provider Licence and Private Security Industry (Central Alarm Monitoring Station Operator).

We are dedicated to structured growth through greater market penetration in our present geographical area with our current principals and by assuming responsibility for carefully selected new principals. For more than 25 years, DAT, has consistently represented numerous product lines and maintained long time relationships with major manufacturers from all over the world..

By manufacturing our own security products and importing directly from the manufacturer , we are able to offer systems designed to the high standards you demand at the most competitive pricing in the industry.

DAT has made a significant investment to completely upgrade our central monitoring station to better serve our customers and to handle new business growth. The company has installed the newest  Security Automation System and integrate Alarm , Access Control , Video Verification , GPS, and GSM/GPRS Base Station Receiver as part of the overall system upgrade.

DAT has certainly established itself as a true leader in today's alarm monitoring industry.   The level of professionalism and respect we have commanded is well deserved.

We see ourselves as a growing and progressive company with unrivalled customer care.

We would not have been able to maintain that reputation without a management focus on customer satisfaction. Certification to ISO 9001:2000 validates that focus. Attaining ISO9001: 2000 certification was a reaffirmation of our commitment to sound management principles.

Quality is not a program at DAT, it is an integral part of our decision making process at all levels within the company.





When an alarm condition exists, every second counts. From monitoring your alarm system to placing the call to the appropriate contact, premise and/or responding agency, we manage all of your requirements with experienced operators that deliver the message fast and in a professional and courteous manner.

The heartbeat of our central monitoring operation consists of the newest generation of proven alarm receiving and automation equipment working to monitor your facility 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

We can help you establish response plans, contacts and procedures that provide an optimum combination of security, flexibility and administrative control.



Our team of IT Engineers, Service Technicians and Wiremen are beyond parallel. In addition to the wealth of expertise that they possess, they are also continuously honing their skills to keep abreast of new developments. Being an agent, importer and manufacturer effectively guarantees that our technical teams are up to date and close to the latest technology implemented.

The D-TECT LASER is a laser based security/safety device designed to protect goods and buildings against theft,
vandalism and intrusion or to allow for the safe operation of industrial doors. This high-precision sensor ensures reliable


 APPLICATIONS: Protection against theft and    vandalism

Perimeter protection / intrusion detection Protection of works of art  and masterpieces in  museum















FenceSecure™ - PIDS - Fence Mounted Perimeter Intruder Detection System

FenceSecure™ systems have a proven track record for the protection of all types of risk from normal commercial risks from: industrial estates; factories; garages; warehouses; storage compounds; logistics depots; car storage compounds to Military and Government premises, Prisons etc. to the protection of “CNI” sites - Critical National Infrastructure.


GJD Manufacturing Ltd with 30 years of experience is an industry leader in the design, manufacture and supply of professional external detector equipment



Established 30 years ago, TDSi is one of the UK'S leading suppliers of integrated access control systems.



Selectamark Security Systems has been at the forefront of providing world class property marking solutions since 1985.



Teletek Electronics JSC is a 24 years high-tech manufacturer of a full range of intruder and fire alarm systems